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3 min readJul 9, 2024

DΞX is an AI-powered DEX for trading cryptocurrencies, offering an all-in-one solution for spot and derivative assets. With AI trading tools and support for X Layer, BSC, and Polygon, DΞX serves over 110,000 users. We invite developers and security experts to report vulnerabilities. Verified bugs will earn D3X Points and additional rewards, including token airdrops. Become a core contributor and help us achieve the highest security standards.

How to Participate

Visit our official platform at DΞX and interact with any of our products. Submit your bug reports through this form.


OG Community Access

Points holders are core contributors and can gain OG status. OG community members receive guaranteed token airdrops. Learn more about joining the OG community here.

D3X Points

D3X Points incentivize community contributions. Points holders enjoy early IDO allocations and airdrop opportunities.

  1. Verified bugs will earn you rewards based on their severity.
  2. Even if you don’t find bugs, you can still earn rewards for interacting with our site. Rewards are based on interaction frequency and browsing time. The total reward pool grows as our on-chain address count increases.

Rewards based on bug severity:

  • Minor: 1000 D3X Points
  • Low: 2000 D3X Points
  • Medium: 10,000 D3X Points
  • High: 20,000 D3X Points

Bug Severity Ratings

  1. Minor: Issues with negligible impact on platform operation, such as cosmetic UI errors.
  2. Low: Bugs with limited impact, such as minor performance bottlenecks or non-critical data display errors.
  3. Medium: Vulnerabilities that can affect platform functionality or user experience, like specific edge-case errors in smart contract execution.
  4. High: Serious issues that could impact the integrity or security of the platform, such as flaws in key management or transaction processing.
  5. Critical: Severe vulnerabilities that could lead to significant financial loss or compromise of user data, like smart contract exploits or breaches in the AI algorithms.


  1. Rewards or recognition require that the D3X security team can reproduce and verify an issue and that the security impact is clear;
  2. Reproduction steps need to be clear, and may include screenshots, videos, scripts, etc;
  3. Do not conduct social engineering and phishing to people;
  4. Do not leak the details of the vulnerability;
  5. Do not use a scanner for large-scale scanning. If the business system or network becomes unavailable, it will be handled according to relevant laws;

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